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Remove MS Word Smart Quotes in Vbscript

just a little tidbit that was driving me crazy.

Haven’t used ASCW and CHRW much, but here it goes:

strtitle = Replace(strTitle,ChrW(8211),”–“)
strtitle = Replace(strTitle,ChrW(8212),”–“)
strtitle = Replace(strTitle,ChrW(8216),”‘”)
strtitle = Replace(strTitle,ChrW(8217),”‘”)
strtitle = Replace(strTitle,ChrW(8220),””””)
strtitle = Replace(strTitle,ChrW(8221),””””)
strtitle = Replace(strTitle,ChrW(8226),”*”)
strtitle = Replace(strTitle,ChrW(8482),””)
strtitle = Replace(strTitle,ChrW(8230),”.”)

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