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great example of facebook integration on classic asp

Here’s an excellent example of facebook integration using classic ASP by Larry Boeldt.

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from tech to home renovations

We just bought a great house on a beautiful piece of land. After a minute or two to enjoy it, we’ve decided to do home renovations. First up is the basement!

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Interesting article about the IE8 User Agent

Interesting article at that explains why some visitors to our sites have continously switching user agents (from ie8 to ie7 and back again).
We were actually kicking them off for a while.

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Response.Redirect not working properly on IE8 ASP

just noticed some of our users are having trouble when logging out. The Response.Redirect call does not work in IE8(Vista).
Found another user showing this on
Looks like an IE8 bug (and not the first).

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Use collaboration tools like Twitter to improve productivity for your business

I work 6 timezones and thousands of kilometers away from head office. Permanently. Our start-up company has employees in 5 separate locations and it takes some solid collaboration to get things done when you don’t meet face-to-face everyday. People often ask me what kind of tools I use to keep in touch with my partners and employees to make sure that things get done.

Recently, I attended  techshow in Chicago and sat in on a “collaboration tools” dinner. I quickly realized that my work-from-home setup was interesting to others and have decided to share the tools I’ve found to be the most useful for my situation and how I’m using them.

Skype – all employees have skype accounts and we regularly chat and talk using skype. I also use a localized skype-in number so that clients and colleagues can reach me directly without having to pay long-distance fees. Add to this that skype is now available as an iphone App even allows me to continue these conversations while I’m out to lunch or strolling my daughter.

Action Method – this is quickly turning into our #1 organization tool. Simply enter somebody’s email to delegate a task, prioritize tasks and have discussions and reference files at your fingertips. Action Method also has a great iphone App which allows me to check on projects when I’m on the go. Action Method is a great example of how a beautiful user interface can make the difference. In the past, we used Sugar CRM but I found it to be too cumbersome, particularly for smaller todos. Too many fields to fill out in an old fashioned interface.

Twitter – of course. I can’t overemphasize that twitter has become a fantastic productivity tool for us. Every employee gets a company twitter account with protected updates (visible only to company employees) and is highly encouraged to twitter what they are currently doing and problems / questions they have.  The advantage? When I get up in the mornings I can see what people in 5 separate locations are doing and what happened while I was sleeping (6 hour time difference). This used to take 30 minutes of calling, emailing and waiting during morning meetings. Now it takes 30 seconds to see what everyone is doing and even more – what they want me to know! Did I mention Twitter makes a fantastic productivity tool?

Mantis – a bugtracking tool to track all the problems that users are having on our websites. Easy to use, simple layout and gives me a good overview of critical bugs as well as feature requests.

Cerberus –  Great tool to keep track of communications with customers. When your support team is geographically dispersed it’s important to know who said what when to whom. I’m very impressed with the templating features and the spam protection. We set up a two level support system in a matter of days.

ok, and I sometimes still use email but often take the written text and plug it into one of the abovementioned tools because it gives me the opportunity to manage the responses better.

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classic asp memory leaks in IIS

Here’s a nice link to tools that will help you figure out where the memory leak is happening:

Remember the following:

1. close your database recordsets

2. close your database connections

3. close any other objects you’ve created

4. in case you come across a response.redirect do all of the above before calling it.

5. read 4.

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php header() not working in opera on mac

Came across this strange behaviour in Opera on Mac.
The php header command was simply ignored and the rest of the page executed normally.
Finally found a solution that calls a javascript redirect if nothing else works.

//==== Redirect… Try PHP header redirect, then Java redirect, then try http redirect.:
function redir($url) {
if (!headers_sent()) {    //If headers not sent yet… then do php redirect
header(‘Location: ‘.$url);

} else {
//If headers are sent… do java redirect… if java disabled, do html redirect.
echo ‘<script type=”text/javascript”>’;
echo ‘window.location.href=”‘.$url.'”;’;
echo ‘</script>’;
echo ‘<noscript>’;
echo ‘<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;url=’.$url.'” />’;
echo ‘</noscript>’;
return 1;

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Why custom errors were not firing in IIS6

Strangely I noticed an error in one of our scripts by surfing onto the page and noticing that ugly vbscript error in script.asp line 151..
This was deeply troubling, as I was wondering how many errors went undetected by our custom error scripts.
It turns out that this was the only page this happened on because we had left some old REsponse.Flush commands in a particular function.
Here’s the link that explains it

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Avoiding dDoS attacks. A study in progress

Situation: Our datacentre got hit by dDoS attacks 4 times in the last month.

Each time, our servers were unavailable to the public for over an hour, the first time even something around 5 hours.

So now I’m looking for ways to distribute our server infrastructure geographically – and also looking at cloud servers.

Our infrastructure is a mixed linux / windows environment.

First visits:

After browsing their website I’m impressed. F5 Load balancers are included in the setup and there are a lot of starting images to choose from. Another advantage seems to the price.

Things I disliked right away: All servers are located in the San Fran data centre. This means that our european customers get the high latency version of our sites.

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just launched to get a better understanding of the Canadian legal community.

The first comment: Thanks for Meets a good need!


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